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Aircool offering air conditioning service in public and private sectors throughout Hong Kong. Established in 2000, we have engineered solutions for all business types.

We recognise the importance of quality employees in delivering this level of service. Our staff is comprised of highly-qualified professionals who are the best at what they do.


Free Quotation

Free quotations with absolutely no obligation with friendly professional advice.

Our quotes include a detailed design to ensure you will know precisely what air conditioning system will be installed, through to the power supply requirements, how many holes are to be drilled and where pipes and cables are to be routed.

Environmental Policy

Our policy is to help protect the world we live in. Beside that, able minimise the impact upon the environment by being considerate with our daily activities.

We do our part by

  • Supply products that comply with current environmental regulations, legislation and the best practices whilst being fit for purpose
  • Comply with all statutory requirements and exceed these standards where commercially viable
  • Using recycled products wherever possible and ensure products that cannot be reused are disposed of safely and responsibly
  • Providing customers with up to date information.  Advice them when selecting products to minimise the use of energy, consequently reducing their carbon footprint