Tai Po New Town 大埔新市鎮

Tai Po New Town (Chinese大埔新市鎮), or Tai Po Town (Chinese大埔市), is a new town in the New Territories, Hong Kong.

The town was designed to be expanded from and incorporate the previously existing areas of Tai Po MarketTai Po Old Market and Tai Wo Market. In the 1990s, extensive reclamation work was carried out near the mouth of the Lam Tsuen River in Tolo Harbour in order to create land for the new town.

The new town is divided between residential and industrial areas, with a mix of public and private housing. The Tai Po Industrial Estate southwest of Ting Kok is one of the major industrial estates in Hong Kong.

Tai Po New Town

Aberdeen is famous not only to tourists but also to Hong Kong locals for its floating village and floating seafood restaurants located in the Aberdeen Harbour. The Tanka people, who used to live on boats in the Aberdeen Harbour, are generally associated with the fishing industry, and there are still several dozens of them living on boats in the harbour.