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Hair caused by sewer blockage: sewer after a period of time, usually the hair will be bathed in the wall of the pipe will cause more accumulation of congestion.

  1. Generally slightly blocked: sanitary napkins, toilet paper or cloth towel by the toilet is plugged up the direct use of pipeline dredging machine or simple dredging tools can dredge.
  2. Hard material blockage: when using accidentally fell into the plastic brush, bottle cap, soap, comb and other hard objects. This kind of blockage can be directly used to clear the pipe dredge machine or simple dredging device directly, serious when the toilet must be open to clear, this situation can only get out of things to solve completely.
  3. Old toilet clogging: toilet use for a long time, it is inevitable in the inner wall scaling, serious when the toilet will be blocked out of the toilet and slow down the toilet The solution is: to find a vent hole scraping dirt can let the toilet water.
  4. Installation mistakes: generally divided into: the bottom outlet with nozzle without screw hole alignment position, the bottom of the toilet completely sealed will cause the toilet water is not smooth, the water level is not high enough to affect the effect of flushing toilet water tank.